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EFCE Young Researcher Award in Mixing


The Young Researcher Award was established in 2000 to recognise the work of a young researcher in his/her early career, which demonstrates an outstanding contribution to research and/or practice in mixing.

Call for nominations

This document describes how this award series will operate and the rules and procedures governing nomination and selection of candidates.

The call for nominations for the 2023 Young Researcher Award in Mixing is closed.


Winners of the award 

Previous Award winners are Giorgio Micale (2000), Joëlle Aubin (2003), Giuseppina Montante (2006), Andrea Ducci (2009), Sebastian Maaß (2012), Claudio Antonio Pereira da Fonte (2015), and Federico Alberini (2018).

The 2018 EFCE Young Researcher Award in Mixing was presented at the 16th European Conference on Mixing, which was held in Toulouse, France, on 9-12 September 2018.

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