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History of the Federation


1953 On 20 June 1953, i.e. roughly four years before the Rome Treaties are ratified, the representatives of 18 chemical engineering societies in eight different European countries convene in Paris to found the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, EFCE.
1955 The Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers joins the EFCE as its first (non-European) Corresponding Member.
1957 The Federation's very first Working Party, the EFCE Working Party on Chemical Reaction Engineering is formally established on the occasion of the First Congress for Chemical Reaction Engineering in Amsterdam.
1966 The Czechoslovak Society of Chemical Engineering joins the EFCE as the first scientific association in the East European area, followed in 1972 by the Polish Association of Chemical Engineers. The Association of Chemical Engineers and Technicians of Serbia had been among the founding members.
1973 The EFCE counts 48 Member Societies and 12 Corresponding Members. There are 11 Working Parties active in different fields of chemical engineering.
1976 Together with the Interamerican Confederation of Chemical Engineering and the Society of Chemical Engineers in Japan, the Dutch EFCE Member Societies organise the First World Congress of Chemical Engineering in Amsterdam.
 1985 The first EFCE Newsletter appears.
 1993 The General Assembly elects the first President of the Federation on the occasion of CHISA in Prague.
The Italian Member Society AIDIC is commissioned to organise the 1st European Congress of Chemical Engineering. The event, which takes place in Florence, attracts more than 800 chemical engineers from close to 40 European and non-European countries. It is followed by equally successful events in Montpellier, France, in 1999 and Nürnberg, Germany, in 2001.
On the occasion of the 6th World Congress of Chemical Engineering in Melbourne, Australia, the World Chemical Engineering Council (WCEC) is launched.
The EFCE celebrates its 50th anniversary.
The EFCE celebrates its 60th anniversary.
The EFCE is registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in the United Kingdom.