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EFCE Working Party on

High Pressure Technology




The Working Party (WP) on High Pressure Technology (HPT) of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) was established in 1988. Prof. Gerhard Vetter (University of Erlangen, Germany) was one of the founders of the WP HPT. The chairmen of WP HPT were as follows:

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Vetter (Erlangen, Germany)                 1988 -
Prof. Dr. Helmut Tiltsher (Munich, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Vetter (Erlangen, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Alberto Bertucco (Padova, Italy)                           1997 - 2003
Prof. Dr. Željko Knez (Maribor, Slovenia)                           2003 - 2010
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Schlücker (Erlangen, Germany)        since 2010

Europe has been the cradle of high pressure technology in the 20s and 30s when most relevant high pressure chemical processes and plants were developed. The special scientific and technical knowledge required in this respect became a precious technological heritage of European Conutries. In the last two decaded the demand expertise in the field has increased considerably: both academic and industrial researchers from different ares (chemists, physicists, biologists, pharmacists, food technologists) have been involved in projects about high pressure applications to new processes and products.

Aims and objectives of the WP HPT are:

  • operation, coordination, promotion and advancement of high pressure research activities within Europe and co-operation activities beyond

  • active collaboration in the organisation of thematic sessions on HPT

  • coordination of international scientific events organised in Europe in the field of high pressure technology

  • establishment of closer co-operation within high pressure research groups at university and industry from different areas

  • education of phD students, researchers from universities and industry in the fundamentals and applications of high pressure technology in chemical and process industry: organisation of an intensive course .

  • active participation in the initiatives of the EFCE advisory board about DSCPT

Nowdays, the WP HPT has 21 members from 13 different countries , which hold one technical meeting per year, and are present at different events dealing with high pressure technology: international conferences, meetings, symposiums and other.

The WP contribution to Development of Sustainable Chemical and Process Technologies (DSCPT) involves substitution of organic solvents by the use of harmless compressed gasses, i.e. water and carbon dioxide at high pressure, in many applications of the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, biochemical, cosmetic, materials industries.


"High pressure is a wonderful tool to develop new processes and products".


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