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Guidelines for Webpages


It is the aim of the EFCE WPE website to provide clear and understandable information about Education in Chemical Engineering and related fields in all countries participating in the EFCE. The website will consist of a main site acting as a portal with links to websites of individual countries as well as to other points of interest.
These guidelines shall support design and maintenance of national WPE websites.

Suggested Content

  • A brief overview of the education system (school and higher education) leading to a chemical engineering qualification.
  • Links to other relevant websites within the country such as universities and other higher education institutions, accreditation agencies, and other players in the field.
  • Information about chemical engineering curricula and the different kinds of degrees.
  • A link to the website of the national EFCE member society.
  • Addresses for contact.

Points for guidance

  • The language of each national website should be English; bilingual websites are welcome.
  • Members should encourage providers of other websites in their country to have at least some information in English.
  • The entry page of each country should fit without scrolling into the space provided by the frames on the WPE main site.
  • Frames should not be used (except on the WPE main site).
  • Pages should be designed to be compatible with different web browsers, e.g. by making the pages simple, using standard formats and avoiding special features such as animation.
  • Attached documents should avoid Word format; recommended formats are "pdf" or "htm".
  • The national EFCE member society nominating a WPE member or an appropriate permanent institution should host each website, so that the main web address would be stable and would not change with the delegate. The WPE member should keep responsibility for the type of information provided.
  • National websites need to become maintained regularly, at least once a year.
  • At least each entry page must show when last updated.

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