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On our website information and links related to education and to life long learning in Process, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in Germany are provided.

  • Process, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (Verfahrenstechnik / Chemieingenieurwesen /Bioingenieurwesen) can be studied at Universities (of Technology), more orientated to science and research (find out more about leading Universities of Technology in Germany), and at Universities of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen), more orientated to applications, as well as at some so called Universities of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademien), which are offering a special type of vocational education.
  • Nowadays first cycle programmes leading to a Bachelor's degree and second cycle programmes leading to a Master's degree according to the  Bologna Process are offered. The previous long cycle programmes leading to a tradional "Diplom" degree will disappear within the next years.
  • Education of Process and Chemical Engineers is embedded in the Educational system of Germany, which is characterized by a great variety.
  • Lifelong learning is an important factor to maintain and develop professional qualification. Several institutions are offering courses for continuing education in Process, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

The work of the GVC-Working Party on Education in Process and Chemical Engineering has among other things resulted in the following publications:

To our regret so far some of this information is only available in German; some specific content is available in English.


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