Chemical Engineering education in Finland


The Finnish higher education system in general

There are two kinds of higher education institutes, Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), in Finland. Universities provide education and conduct scientific research, and they have the right to award doctorates. The UASs are polytechnic institutions that engage in applied research and development.

A key principle in the Finnish university system is “no dead-ends”. Students can always continue their studies on a higher level of education, regardless of their previous choices. For example, a student who has chosen a lower degree (Bachelor) at a USA, can apply and continue studies in a Master’s level degree program of a University.

Education system in Finland

The Finnish Universities have implemented the Bologna three cycle system. One full year of studies is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits. Bachelor’s degrees are 180 ECTS (3 years) while Master’s degrees are 120 ECTS (2 years). The nominal duration of doctorate studies is four years.

Higher education leading to a degree is free of charge in Finland for citizens of European Union member states and those belonging to the European Economic Area. Tuition fees apply to students not belonging to the EU or EEA but scholarships are available for most programmes.

Universities offering Chemical Engineering education

Degrees in the field of Chemical Engineering are awarded by four Universities in Finland

Bachelor’s Degree programmes in Chemical Engineering

Students enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree programme receive the right to continue their chemical engineering studies in one of the Master’s programmes in the same University.

  • Aalto / Chemical Engineering / Languages of instruction: Finnish and Swedish
  • Åbo Akademi / Chemical and Process Engineering. Language: Swedish
  • LUT University / Chemical Engineering / Language: Finnish

University of Oulu / Process Engineering / Language: Finnish

Master’s Degree programmes in Chemical Engineering

As seen in the table below, there are general and specialist chemical engineering degree programs in Finnish Universities.

University Programs Language of institutions
Aalto University

Chemical and process engineering
Biomass refining
Fibre and polymer engineering
Functional materials
Sustainable metals processing

Åbo Akademi Sustainable Chemical and Process Engineering English
LUT University

Chemical Engineering
Water technology

University of Oulu

Process Engineering
Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials



Joint Degrees

Several Universities offer joint degree programs in Chemical Engineering with one or more foreign universities. These programs are often thematic and built on specific expertise or focus areas of the Universities. Students will either receive a single diploma or they receive one diploma from each of the partner universities. Such joint degrees may be funded by e.g. the Erasmus Mundus or EIT Raw Materials programmes.


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