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1st European Forum on New Technologies - CHEMICAL ENGINEERING & 3D PRINTING

7 September 2018, 08:30 to 17:30 h
Espace Bellechasse, 18 rue de Bellechasse, Paris, France



3D printing offers a new and large field of exciting applications to the process industries.

Chemical Engineering is involved at mulitple levels as the printer could be considered as a mini-plant, central to the preparation of the raw material, which requires special properties; the design of the printer (considering energy, pollutants, recycle, gas emmission capture ...); and the determination of the optimal operating conditions.

3D printing offers the possibility of manufacturing products and objects (heat exchanger, miniaturized reactors, impellers, packing elements ...) with innovative and special designs that cannot be easily made with current manufacturing techniques.

All of these aspects will be dealt with during the 1st European Forum on New Technologies.


  • Chemical Engineering for the conception of 3D printers
  • Chemical Engineering for the end-use of additive manufactured objects
  • Chemical Engineering fur manufactured products in pharmaceutics
  • Chemical Engineering for the formulation of materials
  • Chemical Engineering for the implementation of 3Dprinters into the 4.0 factory.


Download the programme here