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EFCE Statement on Bologna Process

(as of 20/09/2003)

Foreword by the EFCE Scientific Vice-President

The European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) welcomes the Bologna Process, which has been started by the European ministers in charge of higher education when signing their Joint Declaration at Bologna in June 1999.

  • EFCE supports the idea of establishing a European Higher Education Area based on the objectives and elements of the Bologna Process in order to achieve a greater accordance in European degrees in Chemical Engineering, and to foster mobility of European Chemical Engineering students and employees.
  • EFCE is willing to co-operate with all parties involved in the Bologna Process, universities, scientific societies, professional organizations, governments, European Commission, etc., to promote implementation of the principles of the Bologna (1999) and Prague (2001) Declarations.
  • When doing so EFCE will take into account the merits and benefits of existing engineering education as well as of the role of Chemical Engineering in the participating countries.
  • EFCE believes that a reasonable degree of diversity in the training of Chemical Engineers is desirable. Programmes leading to a degree may have different orientations, various profiles, and various orientations in order to accommodate a diversity of individual, academic and labour market needs.
  • EFCE made a recommendation for a core curriculum for Chemical Engineering studies (published by the EFCE Working Party on Education in 1994/2000). The EFCE Working Party on Education will update this recommendation to take into account recent developments in study organization (Bologna Process), in curriculum accreditation guidelines, and in science and engineering.

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