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EFCE_alternative_ food_technologies
Organizer: EFCE Section on Food
Language: English

The first online event on alternative food processing technologies is organized by the EFCE Section on Food, and will be held online on 25-27 May 2021. The event will highlight recent activities in research and innovation of selected alternative food processing technologies, as well as reflect on industrial aspects of these technologies. The event provides a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent trends and progress in the area of alternative food technologies.

Each session consists of

  • one scientific lecture giving a brief overview on working principle and fundamentals of the technology,
  • two scientific research reports given by selected PhD Students or fresh Postdocs on the science and industry relevant research topics (see call for abstracts), and
  • an update from the respective industry representative on research gaps and needs for further and easier implementation of this technology.

Each talk is scheduled for 10 min and each session is rounded up with an open 15 min discussion and Q&A session between the research and the industry. The aim of the event is to strengthen the bound between the research and industry, and to identify the gaps in both sectors to be filled in the future. This should allow for easier and faster development and implementation of the new technologies on the market.

FINAL Agenda and Presentations

Programme structure and topics

Day 1
25 May 2021
Day 2
26 May 2021
Day 3
27 May 2021

14:30     Opening and greeting

15:00     Pulsed electric fields

16:00     Ohmic heating

17:00     Dielectric heating


15:00     High hydrostatic pressure

16:00     High pressure homogenization

17:00     Ultrasound


15:00     E-Beam

16:00     Plasma

17:00     UV light