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Member Society membership


Benefits and duties

Member Societies are entitled to:

  • be represented in the meeting of members/General Assembly with voting rights; and receive agenda and minutes of meetings;
  • propose candidates for EFCE Presidency/Vice-Presidency, charity trustees and appoint delegates to EFCE Working Parties;
  • apply for registering events as EFCE event but noting that this event must be held in a European country (European Member Societies only)
  • bid for hosting the European Congress of Chemical Engineering (European Member Societies only)
  • propose the formation of an EFCE Working Party or Section;
  • propose nominees for medals awarded by the EFCE and for Honorary Membership.
  • receive current information via the EFCE newsletters and press releases,

EFCE Member Societies have the duty

  • to pay to the EFCE on receipt of the invoice from the General Secretariat an annual membership subscription (see below).
  • to be represented in the General Assembly,
  • to ensure, wherever possible, that delegates to the CIO’s committees, working parties etc receive financial support, in whole or in part, for attendance at their meetings;
  • to ensure that their individual members are aware of the activities of the EFCE and that the EFCE is informed about their activities in chemical engineering such as events in their countries that would be of importance to other EFCE members.


Membership fees

Due to the impact of Covid-19, no increase of membership fees for 2022 (instead 3% p.a.)

Fee Level 2022 membership fees
Micro (special dispensation) 176 EUR
Low (very small society) 439 EUR
Medium (small to medium society) 881 EUR
High (medium to large society) 1.756 EUR