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In 2003 the EFCE adopted the title Chemical Engineering Research and Design (ChERD - Part A) as its official journal.

From 2004 its sister titles, Process Safety and Environmental Protection (Part B), and Food and Bioproduct Processing (Part C) have also been adopted.

A fourth journal, which is available purely online, has been launched in May 2006: Part D: Education for Chemical Engineers.

In 2015, a new journal on Sustainability Production and Consumption (SPC) has been launched at the tenth European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE 10) in Nice, France: Part E: Sustainability Production and Consumption (SPC). Press release

The journals are published by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in partnership with Elsevier.  From August 2010 to May 2016, EFCE published its up-to-date EFCE News in the form of an attractive A5 insert in ChERD.

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