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Working Party on Mechanics of Particulate Solids

Document Stacker

The Document Stacker is the primary archive for all internal and public documents issued by the EFCE Working Party Mechanics of Particulate Solids (WPMPS). It is intended for use by working party members only. Therefore, while you can freely search the document stacker, you will find all documents password protected. If you wish to obtain access to the documents, please contact the working party chairman or send an email to the address below.

The Document Stacker is structured by the the purpose of the documents. It contains a

General Access Area

  • Papers & Presentations (see also the presentations page in the public access area of the WPMPS web site)
  • Useful Documents
Restricted Access Area
  • Minutes of the WPMPS business and technical meetings
  • Working Documents

These areas have differing access restrictions, such that only members active in the respective area (e.g. working party or project group) are able to access the related documents. The documents are rated as one of three categories:

publishable These documents have been published or may be published. You are welcome to download and distribute them freely.
internal These documents are meant for the internal use of the working party. While they are not neccessarily restricted to working party members, care should be taken when handing them to people not active in the working party.
restricted These documents have been classified as restricted access. The contain information that must not be distributed outsite the actual working party.


Responsibility for the classification and the scope of the content of the Document Stacker lies with the working party chairman and the technical project leaders. You will find an email-button at the bottom of each page to be able contact the person responsible for the respective area.

The Document Stacker will provide you with some documents in the "pdf"-format. To view this documents you need a "pdf"-reader like the Adobe Acrobat reader . To download the reader click on the following symbol: 

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