EFCE Travel Grant


The EFCE Travel Grant provides support to early career members of EFCE or member societies to enable them to present their work at various EFCE events and to develop important networks to further their careers. The grant applications will be evaluated by the EFCE Early Career Section and it will also provide further opportunities to early career colleagues to engage in spreading the awareness of these events through social media. 

Early Career Chemical Engineers are defined as those who are working towards or have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and have less than approx. 8 years of relevant professional experience in case of a master’s degree or less than approx. 4 years of relevant professional experience in the case of a Ph.D. title.


Call for applications 2024

The call for applications for the Travel Grant will open in 2024.

Applications should include:

  • application form 
  • a 2 min (max!) video from the applicants, telling in a few words why he/she should selected

> Application Form

All documents must be sent to the EFCE Frankfurt Secretariat at: ines.honndorf (at) dechema.de .

Deadline for submission of applications: 



The conditions of eligibility to the Grant competition are as follow: 

  1. the applicant is a member of the Early Career Chemical Engineers Section of EFCE, of any early career chemical engineers group of EFCE member societies (or is actively working on becoming a member of such a group). If such a group does not exist, they are a member of the relevant EFCE member society.
  2. the applicant has submitted an abstract for the relevant EFCE event or is invited to present at such an event. 
  3. the applicant agrees to publicise the relevant EFCE event through social media, such as blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and other relevant media.
  4. normally the applicant has not received another EFCE Travel Grant in the same same year .


Selection and Presentation

The Grant proposals will be judged by the Selection Committee solely based on the quality of applications provided through the application form and video and the need for the financial support.

The awardee will be notified by e-mail and announced on the EFCE website, its social media and in the EFCE newsletter..
The awardee will be presented with a certificate (prepared by the Frankfurt secretariat) confirming the award of the Grant at the relevant EFCE event they are attending.

Details of the contents of the application will be treated as confidential and handling of the information will be in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. De-personalized general information may be disclosed for publicity reasons.