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Prof. Francois Marechal
EPFL Valais-Wallis
Industrial Process and Energy System Engineering
CP 440, 1951 Sion, Switzerland

Prof. Fabrizio Bezzo
University of Padova
Department of Industrial Engineering
Via F. Marzolo, 9
35131 Padova, Italy

Twitter: @EfceEnergy

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Energy for chemical engineering - Chemical engineering for energy



The energy transition and the mitigation of the CO2 emissions are key challenges for the chemical engineering community. On the one hand, energy is the main driver of the chemical industry and on the other hand, chemical engineering is a key discipline for the supply of energy services. These include the energy conversion, the CO2 capture and reuse and the integration of renewable energy sources. The EFCE Energy Section concerns the key contributors of chemical engineering in the energy sector and the key aspects of energy for chemical engineering.



The mission of the Energy Section is:
  • to reinforce European cooperation and professional activity within the EFCE community on the topic of energy.
  • to provide a discourse platform within the EFCE on opportunities and challenges that energy poses to the professional community of chemical engineers in Europe.
  • to share the Considerable Knowledge  amongst EFCE members with respect to the process industry.
  • to identify and co-operate with key actors and allies to support the energy transition for a more efficient and decarbonized use of resources and energy in the European society.
  • to promote active cooperation of experts from different working parties and other sections.
  • to Provide decision makers in business, society and politics with reliable knowledge support.
  • to educate a new generation of chemical engineers as well as current engineers and to meet the challenges of the energy transition .



The Energy Section is organized into 7 topics under two major themes:

Energy in chemical engineering

  • Topic 1: Energy and resource efficiency in the chemical and process industry
  • Topic 2: Energy conversion, renewable energy and CO2 mitigation
  • Topic 3: Waste-water-energy nexus

Chemical engineering in energy

  • Topic 4: Chemical engineering for fuels and transportation
  • Topic 5: Biofuels and biorefineries
  • Topic 6: CO2 capture & reuse
  • Topic 7: Energy storage & electrochemical processes



If you are interested in more details on the Energy Section you can find the position paper hereSuggestions and comments on the paper are welcome by contacting the Section chairs.



08/26/2018. The Section's second Annual Meeting took place on August 26th 2018 during CHISA / PRES in Prague. The presentation can be found here

03/10/2017. T he Section's Inaugural Meeting Took place on October 3rd 2017 during WCCE in Barcelona. The presentation can be found here



New members are always welcome to the Energy Section. If you are interested please complete the online application form on the right side as well as the online participation forms for the various activities of the Energy Section.

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