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EFCE Passport

Benefits of the EFCE Passport

The EFCE Passport was created to make the European Federation of Chemical Engineering more transparent to individuals and at the same time, make membership in national societies more attractive.

Benefit to the holders of the EFCE Passport

The members of EFCE member societies who signed the agreement can attend any event organised by other member societies that also participate in the programme under the same conditions (e.g. reduced fee) as the national members of the organising societies.

Benefit to the EFCE and to EFCE Member Societies

  • The EFCE becomes more visible to individuals.
  • Events become more attractive to participants from abroad.
  • Membership in a national society is more attractive because the EFCE Passport is an added value.

EFCE Passport Agreement

With the objective of granting their members the advantages of the EFCE Passport, the signatory member societies agree the following:


  • EFCE member socities signing this agreement will allow members of the other signatory societies to attend events under the same conditions as apply to their own members.
  • The signatory societies agree to distribute the EFCE Passport Card to their members, or incorporate the EFCE logo and the designation "EFCE Passport" in their own membership cards.


The members of the EFCE member societies signing this agreement will also enjoy reciprocal advantages when visiting the events of the other signatory societies.


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