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EFCE Mission Statement

 approved by the Executive Board on 25 August 2008, update approved by the Executive Board on 13 April 2018

The European Federation of Chemical Engineering will  ...



Serve the European Chemical Engineering Community

  • By providing a platform for views and opinions and identifying opportunities for ist voive to be heard



Support Chemical Engineers within EFCE Member Societies

  • Encouraging the development of scientific and research activities in the field of Chemical Engineering
  • Working Parties and Sections
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Newsletters, Website and e-bulletins


Support the Education and Training of Chemical Engineers within Europe

  • Active Education Working Party
  • EFCE Journals
  • Input into Development of Curricula
  • Training


Influence Decision Makers and Opinion Formers on Matters of Importance to Chemical Engineers

  • By Helping to Shape European Policy
  • Promoting Public Understanding of Science
  • Contributing to European R&D Programme
  • Fostering Academic/Industry Links
  • Promoting Chemical Engineering globally



Initiate Collaboration in Support of Common Goals and for the Advancement of Science and Technology

  • Proactive Horizon Scanning and Topic Spotting
  • Bringing People Together via Respected European Technical Networks


EFCE will help European Society  to meet its needs through the highlighting the role of Chemical Engineering  in delivering sustainable processes and products.


Download of the Mission Statement as a pdf file  



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