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Working Party on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Working Party News

  • The Working Party in Chemical Reaction Engineering is organising a one day Colloquium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (CCRE) focusing on “Novel Reactor Technologies”.
    The symposium will be held in Blankenberge, Belgium, Floreal club, October 25, 2016.
    (Junior) Scientists with a background in chemistry or chemical engineering sharing a common interest in reaction kinetics, catalysis and reactor design will find a unique opportunity in this colloquium to get in touch with experts in the field. Most recent CCRE’s took place in Munich (2011) and Milan (2013).

    Following speakers are confirmed:
    - Plenary: Klavs Jensen, MIT: Chemical synthesis in microreactors
    - Keynotes: Juray De Wilde (UCL, Belgium): Reaction and separation in vortex chamber generated rotating fluidized beds; Jaap Schouten (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands): Multifunctional devices for intensified chemicals processing; Yves Schuurman (IRCELYON, France): Transient heterogenous kinetics: Dynamic catalyst development; Georgios Stefanidis (KU Leuven): Process Intensification using microwave energy: Power-to-chemical aspects.

    This CCRE is part of a three day symposium “Chemical Research in Flanders - CRF” ( ). This symposium aims at gathering the chemical research community based in Flanders (PhD students, Professors and industrial delegates) and contribute to community building though scientific presentations, dissemination of research results and panel discussion of hot topics.

  • 2015 EFCE Excellence Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering

    The Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Luis Carlos Pereira de Oliveira at ESCRE 2015 in Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany.

    ESCRE-Award 2015

    L-R: Prof. Olaf Hinrichsen (ESCRE Chairman), Dr. Luis Carlos Pereira de Oliveira (Award winner), Prof. Guy Marin (WP CRE Chairman), Prof. Nikolaos Papayannakos (Chairman of the Award jury)
  • 2012 Danckwerts Lecture
    The 2012 Danckwerts Lecture has been presented by Professor Guy B. Marin, Universiteit Gent, Belgium . The Lecture, entitled "Chemical Engineering and Kinetics, a 'Pas de Deux' of Theory and Experiment" took place on 29 October 2012 during the Annual AIChE meeting in Pittsburgh, USA. Dreieck-kleinmore...

ISCRE Series





  • ISCRE-23
    23nd International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering 
    7-10 September 2014, Bangkok, Thailand


Events related to Chemical Reaction Engineering:



Chemical Research in Flanders - CRF” symposium

24 - 26 October 2016, Blankenberge, Belgium




International Conference on Mathematics in Chemical Kinetics and Engineering

MaCKiE 2017

25-27 May 2017, Budapest, Hungary


10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering 2017 (WCCE10)
+ ECCE11 & ECAB4

1 - 5 October 2017, Barcelona, Spain



Business meetingS of the Working Party

The recent business meeting of the WP CRE took place during ESCRE 2015 which was held on October 27-30, 2015 in Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany.



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