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Modern Drying Technology

Vol. 1 Computational Tools at Different Scales

Edited by E. Tsotsas and A. Mujumdas

This five-volume handbook provides a comprehensive overview of all important aspects of modern drying technology, including only advanced results.
Volume 1 deals with computational tools at different scales, including homogenized, pore network
and continuous thermo-mechanical models, computational fluid dynamics and population balances, as well as process systems simulation tools. High-level, cutting-edge results on a mandatory industrial process.

2007. Approx XXXVIII, 315 pages with approx 300 figures. Hardcover.
Price: € 149.-/sFr 235.-; Series price:€ 119.-/sFr 188.-
ISBN: 978-3-527-31556-7







Product Design and Engineering
(2 Volumes)


Best Practices

Edited by U. Broeckel, W. Meier and G. Wagner

Covering the whole value chaine - from product requirements and properties via process technologies and equipment to real-world applications - the two-volime work represents a comprehensive overview of the topic.
The editors and majority of the authors are members of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, and they describe here best practice in product design and production, taking in fundamentals, technologies and applications.
Volume 1 is devoted to basics and technologies, while Volume 2 looks at raw materials, additives and applications. Various industrial examples illustrate the different cases treated.

2007. 760 pages with 355 figures and 60 tables. 2 Volumes, Hardcover.
Price: € 269.-
ISBN: 978-3-527-31529-1




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