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Issue 3/2012,
October 2012

Dear colleague

It gives me great pleasure to send you this latest issue of the EFCE e-newsletter. I do hope that the information will be of interest to you. If you have comments on the newsletter please get in touch.

With kind regards

Richard Darton
EFCE President


In this issue:

  • Editorial
  • Who's Who
  • EFCE Awards
  • EFCE Events
  • Science and Technology
  • News from the Member Societies and related organisations
  • Contact



EFCE Diamond Jubilee 2013

EFCE was founded back in June 1953, so we are celebrating our Diamond Jubilee next year: 60 years of co-operation within a Europe that has seen stupendous changes in the process industries, the science base, our political arrangements and attitudes.
Sixty years is a remarkable milestone, which we will celebrate with a Jubilee party at ECCE9/ECAB2 in The Hague in late April 2013. We hope to see as many of you there as possible - The Hague is an interesting and beautiful city, and the beach at Scheveningen is very close by!
I am delighted that the theme of the conference is "Shaping a Sustainable Future" which emphasises the role that chemical engineers will play in creating a new and more sustainable world. The Process Intensification Conference (EPIC) will form part of a programme that covers all aspects of chemical engineering.
There will be events for school students, and those studying chemical engineering including a Design Contest for graduate students. Students pay a reduced fee for attendance, of course. So with technical sessions, works visits and social programme, as well as a job market there will be plenty to attract the students who are the future of our profession.

Richard Darton


Who's Who

Change of Chairmanship

In October 2011, the Working Party on Drying elected Professor Istvan Farkas, Gödöllö, Hungary, to succeed Professor Patrick Perré in the position of Chair of the Working Party.

During its meeting in June 2012, the Working Party on Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) elected Professor Jiri Klemes, Veszprem, Hungary, to succeed Professor Andrzej Kraslawski to the position of Chair of the Working Party.

The Working Party on Mixing has elected Professor Jerzy Baldyga, Warsaw, Poland, as its new Chairman at its meeting in September 2012. He took over the position from Professor Joel Bertrand, who had chaired the Working Party for almost 9 years. Dr. Joelle Aubin, Toulouse, France, was confirmed in her position as Working Party Secretary.


EFCE Awards

Dieter Behrens Medal 2013

Professor Sebastiao Feyo de Azevedo, Porto, Portugal, is the new laureate of the Dieter Behrens Medal. He has been chosen for the 2013 award in recognition of his committed member- and leadership of the EFCE Working Party on Education and his valuable contributions to the Bologna Process, the EFCE Student Mobility Award and chemical engineering education in Europe. The award will be presented in The Hague, The Netherlands, on 21 April 2013 during the opening session of ECCE9/ECAB2. Dreieck-klein more 

EFCE Lifetime Recognition Award in Mixing

Professor Franco Magelli, University of Bologna, Italy, is this year's laureate of the prestigious EFCE Lifetime Recognition Award in Mixing assigned by the EFCE Working Party on Mixing and sponsored by BHR Group. The award was presented in Warsaw, Poland, in September 2012 at the 14th European Conference on Mixing. The Lifetime Recognition Award is given every 3 years to one or two members of the EFCE member countries in recognition of their outstanding contribution to Mixing Science and Technology in Europe.

Distinguished Lecture in Thermodynamics and Transport Properties

Dr. Andreas Klamt has been selected to deliver the first Distinguished Lecture in Thermodynamics and Transport Properties. Dr Klamt's nomination comes in recognition of his pioneer-ing and influencing work in applied chemical engineering thermodynamics through the develop-ment of the COSMO and COSMO-RS methods. The Distinguished Lecture was presented at the 26th European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics, Potsdam, Germany, on 7 October 2012.
Launched by the EFCE Working Party on Thermodynamics and Transport Properties, this lecture will in future be a biennial presentation that recognizes outstanding research and achievements in this specialist field. Dreieck-klein more

Danckwerts Lecture awarded to Professor Guy B. Marin

The Executive Editors of Chemical Engineering Science and the members of the selection committee are pleased to announce that the 2012 Danckwerts Lecture will be presented by Professor Guy B. Marin. The Lecture, entitled "Chemical Engineering and Kinetics, a 'Pas de Deux' of Theory and Experiment" took place on 29 October 2012 during the Annual AIChE meeting in Pittsburgh, USA. Dreieck-klein more

EFCE Excellence Award winner

The Federation has great pleasure in announcing the winners of the recent Excellence Awards and a Young Researcher Award:

  • Marco Meeuwse has been awarded the 2012 EFCE Excellence Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering for his PhD thesis entitled "Rotor-Stator Spinning Disc Reactor". The award was presented in Maastricht, The Netherlands, on 5 September during the 22nd International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering - ISCRE 22. Dreieck-klein more
  • The EFCE Young Researcher Award in Mixing 2012 has been awarded to Dr. Sebastian Maaß for his PhD thesis "Experimental analysis, modeling and simulation of drop breakage in agitated turbulent liquid/liquid-dispersions". The award was presented in Warsaw, Poland on 10 September 2012 at the 14th European Conference on Mixing.
     Dreieck-klein more
  • Dr. Steffen Bütehorn has been awarded the 2012 EFCE Excellence Award in Membrane Engineering for his PhD thesis "Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Hydrodynamics of Microfiltration Processes Using a Multi-Scale Approach". The award was presented in London, UK, on 27 September 2012 during the Euromembrane 2012 Conference.
    Dreieck-klein more

Calls for Nominations

PhD supervisors at a PhD-awarding institution in an EFCE member country are invited to submit nominations for the following Excellence Awards to be presented in 2013:

The EFCE Excellence Awards recognise PhD theses (or papers), which demonstrate an outstanding contribution to research and/or practice. Each award consists of a certificate, a cash prize of 1500 euros, a travel grant and fee waiver to attend the event where the award will be presented. The nominated PhD theses (or papers) must address a topic relevant to the respective field.


EFCE Events



9th European Conference of Chemical Engineering - ECCE9
and 2nd European Conference of Applied Biotechnology - ECAB2

The Hague, The Netherlands, 21-24 April 2013

Dear Colleague,

As EFCE Executive Vice-President, I am especially pleased that my home country, The Netherlands, will host the ECCE9-ECAB2 from 21-24 April 2013 in The Hague.
It will be the most comprehensive Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Congress in the history of the EFCE, with a theme that encompasses every corner of today's society: "Shaping a Sustainable Future: a Partnership of Academia, Industry and Society".
The Call for Abstracts is already open, with a deadline of 15 November 2012. The Scientific Committee welcomes submissions from individuals and industrial partners.
We expect around 2300 people including 700 talented students. The programme will comprise contributions from both industry and academia, via lectures, workshops, excursions, a job market, and a large high-tech industrial innovation exhibition.

The keynote plenary speakers are:

  • Peter Vadasz, Mayor of Güssing and Professor Hermann Hofbauer, University of Vienna, Austria:
    'A Biomass Success Story'
  • Rob van Leen, Chief Innovation Officer DSM, Netherlands:
    'How DSM contributes to Sustainable Development'
  • Bernhardt L. Trout, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT, Cam-bridge USA:
    'From Molecular Computations to Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Their Role in Shaping a Sustainable Future'

And as a further special event, we are pleased to mark the 60th Jubilee of the EFCE. For more information see  or 

I look forward to seeing you in The Hague!

Best Regards,

Wridzer Bakker
Executive Vice President


9th World Congress of Chemical Engineering - WCCE9
Coex, Seoul, South Korea, 18-23 August 2013

Incorporating the 15th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress (APCChE 2013)
The central theme of the Congress is "Chemical Engineering: Key to the Future".
Recent information is provided in the 3rd Announcement and Call for Abstracts
Abstract submission deadline: 31 October 2012
Congress website:


Let's meet in NICE for ECCE10!
At its meeting in August, the EFCE Executive Board accepted a bid from its French Member Society, SFGP, to host the 10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering - ECCE10 in Nice, France, from 27 September to 1 October 2015. The theme is "Chemical Engineering for a new sustainable process industry in Europe".

Note in your calendar!
10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering
, Barcelona, Spain, 2-6 October 2017.



CHEMREACTOR-20 - 20th International Conference on Chemical Reactors
Mondorf Parc Hotel, Luxemburg, 3-7 December 2012 (EFCE Event No. 710)

The biennial International Conference on Chemical Reactors - CHEMREACTOR - focusses on the fundamental aspects and practical application of the catalytic processes and chemical reactors, as well as to the development of the novel technologies. The conference topics include Advances in Chemical Reactor Fundamentals; Chemical Reaction Engineering and Reactor Design - Novel Approaches, Modeling, Scale-Up, Optimization; Chemical Reactors and Technologies for Emerging Applications.
Conference website:


Loss Prevention 2013 - 14th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries
Florence, Italy, 12-15 May 2013 (EFCE Event No. 707)

The Symposium is an opportunity to share experience and to preserve existing know-how for the benefit of the process industry and the safety of employees and the public. The technical program will be structured as parallel sessions: Risk Management and regulatory issues; Human Factor and Management systems; Learning from accidents and knowledge-transfer; Process safety engineering; Material hazards.
Symposium website:


ESCAPE 23 - 23rd European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering
Lappeenranta, Finland, 9-12 June 2013 (EFCE Event No. 712)

ESCAPE 23 brings together researchers and practitioners of the computer-aided process engineering (CAPE) community interested in Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation; Synthesis and Design; Automation and Control; and Education. The boundaries of CAPE have expanded and the research interests cover a wide range of interdisciplinary problems related to the current needs of society and industry. Addressing existing and emerging research trends, the technical themes of ESCAPE 23 are: Energy Systems; Sustainability of Products and Processes; Biomaterial Processing; Mineral Processing; Biomedical Engineering; and Management & Economics. ESCAPE 23 will provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present and evaluate emerging as well as established research methods and concepts, and to learn from industrial case studies.
Symposium website:


ISHPPT 2013 - 6th International Symposium on High Pressure Process Technology
Belgrade, Serbia, 8-11 September 2013 (EFCE Event No. 708)

High pressure process technology increasingly offers new opportunities in transferring advances in science to technology beneficial to mankind. The 6th ISHPPT - jointly organised by the EFCE Working Party on High-Pressure Technology and Association of Chemical Engineers of Serbia - will assess the impact of rapid changes in science on the practice of chemical engineering in developing new or improved processes. The Symposium will attract participants from a wide range of research fields who will meet and discuss ideas, solutions and future issues in a relaxing and friendly environment.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 January 2013
Conference website:


ESCC 2013 - 13th Conference on Comminution and Classification
Braunschweig-Königslutter, Germany, 9-13 September 2013 (EFCE Event No. 704)

Launched in 1962, ESCC is planning its 13th event in 2013. As the host of ESCC 2013, Professor Arno Kwade is calling for interesting abstracts on comminution and classification of diverse materials. Focus topics: Processing of primary and secondary materials, especially minerals and ores; Grinding, dispersing and classification of fine particles, particularly in pharmaceutical, chemical and electronic industries; Fundamentals, modelling and simulation of particle breakage as well as of grinding and classification processes; New and non-classical applications as well as new developments of milling machines and mill periphery.
Full papers submitted will be published in a special issue of either Chemical Engineering & Technology (CET) or of the International Journal of Mineral Processing (IJMP) following a referee process.
Deadline for submission of abstracts for oral or poster contributions: 1 February 2013
Conference website:


Distillation & Absorption 2014 - 10th International Conference on Distillation & Absorption
Friedrichshafen, Germany, 14-17 September 2014 (EFCE Event No. 705)

Since its beginnings in 1960, the International Conference on Distillation & Absorption has become a leading scientific conference in Distillation and Absorption technology. The fine tradition which started in Brighton, UK, was carried on in Europe and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010 in Eindhoven, NL. The hosts trust that Distillation & Absorption 2014 - jointly organised by the EFCE Working Party on Fluid Separations and the German ProcessNet Subject Division Fluid Separations - will be a landmark conference, bringing together scientists from all over Europe and beyond. Friedrichshafen, in the beautiful region of Lake Constance (Bodensee), promises not only a great scientific event but also a pleasant and memorable experience for authors, exhibitors, participants and guests alike.
Conference website:

An extended list of events is available at


Science and Technology

Job opportunity: EPSC Director of Centre

The European Process Safety Centre (EPSC) is a member-funded non-profit network of operating companies, insurers, researchers and consultants, which shares, develops and promotes best practice in the field of process and major accident safety. This year EPSC celebrates its 20th anniversary since being established by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. The EPSC is seeking a new Director.
Working together with the existing staff, the Director of the Centre provides strategic and visible leadership for EPSC and represents it at international conferences, vis-á-vis the EU Commission, other associations and at meetings with potential members. Candidates will possess the necessary process safety experience and credibility to lead and support the work of EPSC and have strong connections to the European process safety community. The ability to raise and maintain the profile of process safety within an international context is essential for the role. The position is due to be filled by 1 September 2013.
Applicants must submit a career history with a covering letter which highlights how their capabili-ties meet the role requirements.

Mail to: Lee Allford, EPSC Operations Manager, Email:
The closing date for all applications is 21 December 2012.
Further information

Call for applications - European Erasmus Mundus Master in Membrane Engineering, EM3E

The third call for applications for the European Erasmus Mundus Master in Membrane Engineering, EM3E, is now open (edition 2013-2015).
The EM3E master offers an advanced education programme in membrane engineering at the interface between materials science and chemical engineering and focused on specific applications. It involves six higher education institutions of five European countries as full partners. The programme is open to European and non-European students and is taught in English. A limited number of scholarships will be available for selected students based on excellence criteria.
The EM3E master is linked to the European Doctorate in Membrane Engineering EUDIME, offered by the same consortium of universities. Both programmes are supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme.

Application deadlines: 15 December 2012 (admission with scholarship) and 28 February 2013 (admission for self-funded students).
Admission and application requirements are available on the EM3E website at


News fRom the Member Societies and related organisations


ICEPE2013 - 3rd International Conference on Energy Process Engineering - Transition to Renewable Energy Systems
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 3-6 June 2013

The objective of the 3rd International Conference on Energy Process Engineering is to promote the transforming process to renewable energy systems and to identify strategic, scientific and technological issues in the field of the generation, storage, distribution and utilization of renewable energy, giving answers based on the most advanced state of the art in science and engineering.

Conference website:



Ines Honndorf, e-mail: honndorf
Sandy Robson, e-mail:

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