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The call for nominations is open.

Deadline für submission of nominations: 30 May 2018




Lifetime Recognition Award in Mixing


Awarded by the EFCE Working Party on Mixing and Unilever

The Lifetime Recognition Award is a triennial award, given to a person belonging to one of the EFCE member countries in recognition of his/her outstanding contribution to mixing science and technology. This document describes how this award will operate and the rules and procedures governing nomination and selection of candidates.

The 2018 Award is sponsored by Unilever.

The award will comprise:

  • A plaque/certificate
  • A cash award of €1000

The award will be presented during the Gala Dinner of the triennial European Conference on Mixing.
Note: The next European Conference on Mixing will be held in Toulouse, France, 9-12 September 2018.



  • The award is presented to senior researchers or engineers who have made an outstanding contribution to mixing research and/or mixing practice in the process industries throughout his/her career.
  • Nominations may be submitted by members of a national or regional member association of EFCE.
  • Self-nominations are excluded.
  • No more than one nomination can be submitted by the same person.
  • The nominated candidate must be currently active in the field of mixing research.

Nomination procedure, supporting documentation and closing date

Nominations should be submitted via the online submission tool and must contain the following information:

  • Name and address of the nominee,
  • Name and address of the nominator,
  • CV of the nominee
  • List of publications of nominee
  • A recommendation letter by the nominator (no more than two pages), outlining the nominee’s key contribution to mixing research and/or mixing practice in the process industries and stating clearly why the contribution is considered to be truly outstanding and thus deserving the Award.

Submission Form


  • Deadline for the next Award: nominations must be submitted not later than

May 30, 2018

Late nominations will be rejected.

Evaluation procedure

  • The Award Committee of the EFCE Working Party on Mixing will review the documents provided in support of the nominations, make a scientific evaluation of the submitted proposals and select the most eligible candidate. Nominations can be rejected due to insufficient documentation as compared to the published criteria. The Committee is not required to research additional documents which have not been supplied, but may compile more information from other sources.
  • If a nominated candidate is a member of the Award Committee of the EFCE Working Party on Mixing, he/she will be required to step aside during the evaluation procedure of the Lifetime Recognition Award candidates so as to not bias the final decision.

The decisions of these committees are final and no discussions of any kind will be entered into.


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