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Dieter Behrens

"Dr Behrens was above all a great European who knew [how] to unite the chemical engineering community around the world and who, with great respect for all countries and societies and great diplomacy brought people together in science and industry."

Prof K R Westerterp, past president EFCE (1993)


Rules for the Dieter Behrens Medal

EFCE  Press  Release 2/2013

"Feyo de Azevedo awarded Behrens chemical engineering medal"

EFCE  Press  Release 9/2010

"Molzahn awarded EFCE Dieter Behrens medal"


Dieter Behrens Medal

In 1998, the European Federation of Chemical Engineering introduced the Dieter Behrens Medal. The Medal was presented together with the Jacques Villermaux Medal for the first time in October 1999, on the occasion of the 2nd European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE-2) in Montpellier, France.

The Dieter Behrens Medal is presented in principle every four years in recognition of  a significant contribution on behalf of the Federation in raising the profile of chemical engineering in Europe or in relation to the organisation, management or development of EFCE's activity base.

 Feyo de Azevedo

Professor Sebastiao Feyo de Azevedo, Portugal, is the laureate of the Dieter Behrens Medal 2013.

He has been chosen for the award in recognition of his active member- and committed chairmanship (2007-2010) of the EFCE Working Party on Education and for his substantial contribution to chemical engineering education and qualifications in Europe through numerous papers and presentations.

He will accept his award at the opening ceremony of 9th Europrean Congress of Chemical Engineering - ECCE9  in The Hague, The Netherlands, on 21 April 2013.    



The previous winners of the Dieter Behrens Medal are: 

  • 2010    -    Dr-Ing. Martin Molzahn, Germany
  • 2005    -    Prof. Hans J. Pasman , The Netherlands
  • 2001    -    Prof. Bernhard Delmon , Belgium
  • 1999    -    Dr. Jan Novosad , Czech Republic

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