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Working Party on Quality by Design

What do we aim to deliver?

This Working Party on QbD will catalyse increased cross-fertilization between the biochemical engineering and the QbD communities and provide improved training opportunities for early career researchers in this important subject with the final goal of ensuring effectiveness of the product life cycle of innovative bioprocesses. The basis of this proposal is the strong drive to strengthen the cross-fertilisation of chemical and biochemical engineering community to ensure more effective translation of the QbD principles from research to manufacturing practice.

The specific objectives of Working Party on QbD are:

1.   Establishment of conference series or sessions in well-established conferences with high visibility.
2. Establishment of a European conference series dedicated to process knowledge and manufacturing knowledge.
3. Pan-European transectoral training schools of early career researchers in tools required for rapid process development and data science.
4. Producing a series of position papers to be published in scientific and industrial literature raising awareness of issues and proposed solutions.






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